Do you have fractured, cracked, or missing teeth that have lowered your self-confidence levels?  Are your teeth worn due to grinding or a highly acidic diet? Dr Danka can help improve the appearance of your teeth with dental crowns or bridges.

What is a Dental Crown and how can it solve my problem?

A dental crown is a natural-coloured, permanent cap that is placed on damaged or weak teeth to improve their appearance, function, and shape. They strengthen your teeth by re-establishing their structural integrity.

Crowns are made up of either ceramic or porcelain materials designed to match the natural strength and shape of your teeth. If a filling is not solving your problem, perhaps you should consider a dental crown to cover, protect, and restore the shape of your teeth.

Signs & Symptoms you may need a Dental Crown

Crowns are permanent prosthetics that ensure functionality and good aesthetics. Here are signs you may need a dental crown:

  • You have broken or fractured teeth: crowns can be the ideal repair solution if there isn’t enough of your tooth remaining that can be repaired via other methods.
  • You have severely decayed teeth: a crown is a much better option over a filling if more than half of your tooth is decayed.
  • You have large fractured fillings: crowns are the better solution if there is inadequate tooth remaining to retain the filling.
  • Your bite is not aligned properly: uneven teeth and/or poorly aligned gums can be straightened with crowns
  • The surface of your teeth have become worn due to bruxism (teeth grinding): if you suffer from bruxism, crowns can help to stabilise those broken or worn teeth.

How is a Dental Crown Fitted?

As each patient’s needs and smile are unique, a custom-made crown will be made to seamlessly blend in. Dr Danka will ensure your crown is carefully crafted to fit in and compliment your surrounding natural teeth. The procedure is as follows:

  1. To ensure that a crown is the best treatment option for you, Dr Danka will access your tooth or teeth and take an x-ray.
  2. He may advise you to have a root canal treatment if your tooth is in the advanced stages of decay.
  3. To prepare your tooth for the crown, a temporary numbing agent will be injected into your gum so you won't feel pain.
  4. He will then drill away some of your tooth structure.
  5. The doctor will then take impressions and send them to a dental laboratory and make sure that the shade and colour match the rest of your teeth. Your crown should be ready in about 2 weeks.
  6. Dr Danka will then fit a temporary crown over the prepared tooth. This is to protect it while you wait for your crown to be made.
  7. Your second appointment will entail removing your temporary crown. Your new permanent crown will be checked for colour, fit, and the contact between teeth.
  8. If there are no issues, the doctor will cement the crown on your tooth with a permanent bonding system.

What can I expect after crowning my Teeth?

The numbing effect may still be present for several hours after your procedure. Recovery afterwards typically lasts only a few days. Your body will need this time to recover from any inflammation and irritation you experience after the procedure.

Discomfort, pain, and sensitivity are all normal but they should subside after the first few days. We suggest you avoid sticky foods in the first 24 hours following the procedure. This will give the crown time to properly cement to the abutment tooth.

What is a Dental Bridge and how can it solve my problem?

A dental bridge is a permanent appliance that is used to fill the gaps in your mouth where you have one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are made up of a false tooth or teeth that are held in place by dental crowns which have been cemented onto each of the abutment teeth.

Dental bridges are usually anchored to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. Dental bridges restore your oral health, your bite, smile, and help maintain the natural shape of your face.

Signs & Symptoms you may need a Dental Bridge

The main reason you may need a dental bridge is if you have one or more teeth missing. Here are other signs you may need one:

  • Your speech and pronunciation are not as they should be
  • You are unable to chew properly
  • Your bite force is not properly distributed
  • Your remaining teeth are moving out of position

The shape of your face is changing

Anterior porcelain zirconium crowns

How Are Dental Bridges Fitted?

Dr Danka will first examine your mouth to check for any gum disease or tooth decay. These will need to be treated first. He may take an x-ray or use special equipment to measure your teeth and mouth.

Preparation for a dental bridge entails filing down the healthy teeth on either side of your gap. The doctor will then take a mould to make your bridge. The mould will be sent to a laboratory to be made. He may give you a temporary bridge while you wait for your permanent one.

When your permanent bridge is ready, Dr Danka will attach it to the healthy surrounding teeth with a bonding solution or dental cement. In some cases, your bridge may be anchored with a dental implant which will be surgically placed in your jaw. This will only be done if the doctor thinks implants will be suitable for you.

Double post core zirconium crown

What can I expect after having my dental bridge fitted?

After the procedure you may notice some changes in your mouth. These occur because of the prepping of your existing tooth and filling your tooth gap. You can expect some tooth sensitivity, soreness when you bite down, and some speech impediments.

Adjusting to your new bridge can take up to 2 weeks. As time passes, you will notice improvements and gradually get accustomed to the bridge. It is important to keep up with your dental hygiene routine to prolong the life of your dental bridge. Many patients do not experience any major side effects and can return to work almost immediately.

Why choose Dr Danka for your Dental Crowns and Bridges in Linden?

Dr Danka brings with him experience and expertise in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. He uses the latest equipment to ensure you get only the best results possible. When it comes to the quality of dentistry, he holds himself to the highest international standards.

He is a patient-focused dentist committed to delivering an unrivalled and incomparable service to his patients in Linden. If you are in need of a dental crown or bridge and need it fitted by a passionate dentist, schedule an appointment with Dr Danka today and enjoy a unique and long lasting smile.