Have your teeth been stained or discoloured by smoking, food, drink, or the natural aging process? ? Laila, our in house Oral Hygienist can help you to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth through in-chair teeth whitening treatment that will give you natural-looking results and a much brighter smile.

Signs that you need to whiten your teeth

  1. Discoloration on your teeth
  2. You are a smoker
  3. You drink coffee and/or wine on a daily basis
  4. You avoid smiling or face-to face conversations
  5. You have bad oral hygiene
  6. You have dark spots or patches on your teeth

Am I a candidate for tooth whitening?

Not all patients are eligible for this cosmetic dental treatment. One of our experienced practitioners will ultimately decide upon your suitability for this procedure. Candidates for teeth whitening must:

  • Not have sensitive teeth or gums
  • Have good oral health
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Not be pregnant or breast feeding
  • Not be allergic to teeth bleaching whitening agents like peroxide

If Dr Danka notices signs of gum disease or tooth decay, he will help you treat them before whitening your teeth. These issues could affect the overall results of your treatment. Although patients with sensitive teeth and gums can still have teeth whitening treatments, our oral hygienist will tailor a treatment plan that will help you feel more comfortable. Tooth discolouration due to trauma or injury cannot be corrected with tooth whitening treatments so the doctor will discuss other suitable options with you.

What is the Process of In-Chair Teeth Whitening?

Our oral hygienist, Laila will professionally whiten your teeth as it is the best way to remove stains. Here’s what you can expect during the procedure:

  1. your mouth will be prepared by inserting a rubber appliance, gauze, and seals. This will prevent the bleaching solution from entering the sensitive areas such as your tongue, lips, gums, and cheeks.
  2. The oral hygienist will then paint a layer of teeth whitening gel onto the surface of your teeth. She will shine a UV light onto your teeth to heat and activate the solution. This helps it to penetrate deeper into your tooth enamel and accelerates the whitening process.
  3. Generally, the procedure takes about an hour.

What can I expect after Treatment?

When your treatment is completed, you will see instant results. Your teeth will be dramatically whiter dependant on the type and colour of the teeth you had before the treatment. Patients with yellow coloured teeth enjoy better results than those with grey, brown or off-white teeth. Several factors such as smoking, medications, and your diet can influence how long your teeth stay white. Generally, if you avoid these things, and follow a healthy diet, you can expect the results to last between 1 and 3 years.

What are the side effects of Teeth Whitening?

Most patients do not experience any notable side effects from professional teeth whitening done by Dr Danka. If you follow your dentist’s instructions, teeth whitening is a completely safe and effective treatment. If you do have concerns, we suggest you speak to to one of
our experienced practitioners in order to address and better understand the whitening procedure Side effects can include:

  • Dental enamel damage or erosion
  • Gum irritation
  • Risk of tooth sensitivity
  • Inflammation in the pulp of your teeth

How often do I need to whiten my teeth after the first treatment?

Depending on your lifestyle habits and oral care, your second session will most likely be a year or more after your first treatment. Certain factors such as smoking, drinking lots of coffee and wine can reduce the time between treatments by up to 6 months. Maintain your 6 month check-up with Dr Danka and ask him how your teeth are looking. He will let you know when it is time for your next whitening treatment.

How often do I need to whiten my teeth after the first treatment?

The aim of whitening your teeth is to remove stains and discolouration and give you a more confident, brighter smile. Here’s a list of the benefits:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • A reduction in bacteria
  • An enhanced appearance
  • Boosted confidence
  • A healthier mouth
  • A brighter, more appealing smile

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Better and Safer?

Yes, it is. Teeth whitening is a medical procedure that is best performed by a qualified hygienist like Laila. She will inspect your mouth and teeth before carrying out your teeth whitening to ensure there are no issues that the procedure could worsen.

If you expose your roots or failed filings to whitening materials, it could create serious and complicated problems. Having your teeth whitened by a professional will give you faster, more long-lasting results as opposed to do-it-yourself home whitening kits.

Why choose our Hygienist at Dr Danka for teeth whitening in Linden

Stained and discoloured teeth can make you feel very uncomfortable. Dr Danka and his team are is a passionate and professional dental care providers dentist that provides his patients with swift, highly effective teeth whitening solutions that enhance your appearance and boosts your confidence.

Laila, our full time Oral Hygienist at Dr Danka, has got plenty of experience in treating patients with in-chair bleaching products effectively and safely. He understands the importance of good oral health and will do everything he can to help ensure you have a bright, white, and more confident smile. Should you require his teeth whitening services in Linden, feel free to get in touch today.