Are you looking for a more natural looking tooth filling as opposed to the unsightly silver or amalgam fillings? We suggest you choose composite resin fillings.

What are Composite Resin Fillings?

Composite fillings are tooth-coloured fillings made from acrylic and a powdered glass filler that are added to a resin base. They have a more natural appearance than other types of filling which make them a popular choice among many patients. Because they can be customised to match the shade of your teeth, they are virtually unnoticeable to people who may glance at your mouth. Sometimes dentists may recommend you use this filling to repair or restore pieces of a broken or chipped tooth. 

How safe are Composite Fillings?

Because composite fillings do not contain any metal or mercury, they do not pose a possible health risk like amalgam fillings do. Developments in the field of dentistry have allowed for the use of new and safer materials for many common dental procedures.

Although composite resin fillings are safe, it is always best to speak with your dentist before getting your fillings to ensure they do not contain any potentially harmful materials. Dr Danka will go over the details of the specific type of materials that are available for your filings.

How long will my Composite Fillings Last?

While composite fillings are durable, they do have a shorter lifespan than amalgam fillings. Depending on how well you take care of them, your composite fillings can last from about 5-7 years.

Various factors such as good oral health and visiting your dentist regularly can increase the lifespan of your filling by another 3 years. Factors that decrease the lifespan of your composite fillings are teeth grinding, tooth decay, hard or chewy foods, and the location and size of the filling.

What is the procedure for Composite Fillings?

Getting composite fillings is a pretty straightforward procedure that can be completed in one visit to Dr Danka. Larger and multiple fillings will take a bit longer but simple fillings may take as few as 20 minutes. Special circumstances such as the type of material used may require a second visit. Dr Danka will assess your situation and advise you on whether you need to split your fillings into more than one appointment.

  • Dr Danka will select the shade of your composite for your filling
  • Your tooth and surrounding area will be numbed with anaesthesia.
  • He will then drill a hole into your enamel and remove the decayed part of your tooth.
  • Next, he will clean and dry the area and prepare your tooth.
  • Your tooth will then be etched and bonded
  • He will layer the composite material into the hole and use a light to cure the filing so that it sets.
  • Your tooth will be shaped, contoured, and polished.
  • Dr Danka will check if you’re comfortable with the restoration and check your bite.

After your procedure you may have some sensitivity but it shouldn’t last long. If they are installed properly, your composite fillings won’t look too different from your actual teeth.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

  • They give you natural (tooth-coloured) and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • They are durable
  • They can usually be fitted and completed in one visit to your dentist.
  • They can be used to fix minor or larger tooth damage
  • They can resist fracture
  • They require less drilling
  • They harden in seconds
  • Useful for a variety of dental restorations including veneers, inlays, and crowns.

How to Care for a New Composite Filling

Although your fillings will serve you well for many years, it is still crucial to take good care of them. You can do that by doing the following:

  1. Avoid chewing excessively hard foods as they may chip or crack your filling
  2. Maintain proper brushing, flossing overall good oral hygiene
  3. Visit Dr Danka regularly for check-ups
  4. Avoid sticky foods such as gum that may pull on your fillings
  5. Ask Dr Danka about more strategies to extend the life of your fillings.

Composite Fillings in Linden

Composite fillings are a safe and reliable option used by dentists for many years. If you’re unsure about whether composite fillings are the right choice for you, speak to Dr Danka about alternatives. He will be happy to discuss the options available to you and suggest the right solution for your particular needs. He is an experienced and passionate dentist that puts the oral health of his patients first.

He strives to provide all his patients with long-term dental care. Dr Danka has performed many composite filling procedures so rest assured you will receive exceptional, personal, and professional service. If you have decided that you want to get composite fillings, set up an appointment with the doctor and enjoy a bright, happy and healthy smile for years to come.